A microchip is a small, identification implant that is inserted under the skin of cats and dogs, which can be scanned by a vet to identify them if they’re found away from home. Microchips are one of the best forms of pet identification, as they cannot get lost in the way that a collar and tag can.

Microchips can be so much more than just a form of identification though, and SureFlap grasped the opportunity to use them in a whole new way. SureFlap developed a range of microchip pet products that use microchips like unique keys that can be programmed to the products so only registered pets can use them.

SureFlap’s microchip pet door range keeps unwanted animals out of the home by only permitting access to resident pets. This...

Dog crates are an awesome way to keep your dog and house safe while you are not there, as well as this if your dog needs to be toilet trained this is the perfect way to do that. Crates help dogs to feel safe and really ensure that they don’t get into anything that they shouldn't while you are out of the house.

Dog Crate Beds

Dry Beds – a dry bed is really important as it works a bit like a baby’s nappy and draws the moisture in keeping it away from the pet. And the great thing is that these are machine washable!

We suggest you buy two so you have a spare one while the other one is in the wash.

Getting the Right Sized Dog Crate

Using a crate divider – small, medium, large

There needs to be just enough room for the dog...

Your dog should be able to stand up and turn around in a correct sized dog kennel.

We recommend you measure your dog from the top of the head to the top of its back where the tail starts and the kennel should be just a little bit longer than that, this will allow your dog room to turn around and stretch out.

There are two main types of kennels...

Wooden Dog Kennels

Wooden dog kennels will often have some removable floors. You want to ensure that you can easily clean them and if they are exposed to weather that they are going to stand up to the elements.

Plastic Dog Kennels

Plastic dog kennels are great for withstanding the elements. 

Don’t forget about a soft bed and a blanket to go inside the dog kennel!


It starts about 4 am in my household. I am woken with the sound of little paw steps jogging briskly toward my bed.
Then, the pause beside my head as she waits for a yes or no.
If its a no, then this winter ritual is repeated several times before its time to get up.
My two year old Jack Russell Cross enjoys the comforts of a modern dog, like most pets throughout the world and when the colder nights hit, the aim of the game is to join us on the bed. 

After several weeks of this behaviour I decided to look into ways of making her bed more inviting.
She sleeps on a Rosella Bed, which are fantastic. They are a raised bed, so she is off the ground away from any drafts and the frame work can last a life time making them great value for...

As the cold weather wraps itself around us, we are all looking for a warm place to rest. rosella dog bedThis is even more so for our canine companions who sleep most of the day and night. Winter is the perfect time to upgrade your pooches bed. Here are some ideas about finding the ideal bed for your dog. 

Dog Bed Basics: Big Dog or Small Dog?
Size matters. There’s nothing sadder than a Saint Bernard trying to get comfortable on a dog bed made for a Chihuahua. The best dog bed should be big enough to protect their joints from the hard floor, no matter what positions they stretch into. Think of how big your dog is lying down, and add about a foot around in every direction. That’s how big the bed should be.

Young Dog or Old Dog?
Aren't we all as...