Cats love to scratch, and they scratch for many different reasons:

  • It helps to condition and sharpen their claws.

  • It’s a way of stretching their body.

  • It’s a way they can play.

  • Some cats use it to mark their territory.

The best way to avoid cats scratching your furniture is to have a scratch board or scratch post in place. Create a habit by spraying the scratch post or scratch pad with catnip spray to get your cat hooked. Spray every fifteen minutes for an hour if you are trying to get your cat addicted to a new scratch board or post, they will go crazy for it and then only want to scratch the scratch post – hopefully.

If after getting a scratch pad your cat keeps moving back to your furniture...

Cats sleep a lot, so you want to make them comfortable; here are some of the great options at

The Flat Cat Bed

There are two main types of cat beds, a flat cat bed with a ridge on it, and a cat cave which is generally enclosed. Both are good options depending on what your cat prefers.

The Cat Cave

Cat caves are fully enclosed cat beds that are a bit like a box with an opening at the front. The cat can crawl into the cave and hide from the world.

The Heated Cat Bed

There are three options if you would like to heat your cat’s bed –

  • There is the snuggle safe cat bed which is heated in the microwave and stays warm for up to 12 hours, it can get slipped under a blanket.
  • The electric blanket, which works...

Cats don't scratch just to ruin items in your home, your cat needs to scratch for multiple reasons:

cat scratch pad

- Remove the outer sheath of the nail and file/sharpen the nail.
- Release scents (pheromones) on to objects to mark them.
- Create scratch marks and thus a visual marker for other cats to see.

If you don't want your cat to scratch your furniture or cupboards you must give him/her a viable alternative such as a scratching post and you also need to teach your cat how to use the scratching post. There are many different types of posts available. You can find posts made of corrugated cardboard, sisal, carpeting material, and wood; and such posts come in various styles to accommodate your cat's needs. If your cat likes to scratch...

It starts about 4 am in my household. I am woken with the sound of little paw steps jogging briskly toward my bed.
Then, the pause beside my head as she waits for a yes or no.
If its a no, then this winter ritual is repeated several times before its time to get up.
My two year old Jack Russell Cross enjoys the comforts of a modern dog, like most pets throughout the world and when the colder nights hit, the aim of the game is to join us on the bed. 

After several weeks of this behaviour I decided to look into ways of making her bed more inviting.
She sleeps on a Rosella Bed, which are fantastic. They are a raised bed, so she is off the ground away from any drafts and the frame work can last a life time making them great value for...