Small Pet Water Bottles

Small pet water bottles are the best way to keep water levels up in your pet. Putting water in a small pet bowl can be problematic at times as they are likely to flick their small pet bedding into the bowl and pollute the water.

Small Pet Feeding Bowls

Small pet feeding bowls are available in ceramic and tough plastic. You can get also get gravity feeders which are great if you are away for a couple of days.

Small Pet Fruit and Vege Holders

These are available as a basket or a spear; both are great to keep the fruit and vegetables off of the small pet enclosure floor and fresher for longer.

Small Pet Hay Mangers

Some small pets like to spread their hay out and play with it, they will still...

We all know how important water is for ourselves, but it’s just as essential for our pets. Their bodies are made up of approximately 70% water, which helps regulate body temperature and provide cushioning support for joints and internal organs. It also helps digest food, transport nutrients, eliminate waste, and allow salts and other electrolytes to pass through their system. 

For these reasons, it’s important to provide your pet with access to fresh water at all times – especially during the warmer months, as animals can lose fluids through panting or sweating, and water sources also evaporate more rapidly. Your pet will need more water if you’re feeding it dry food, which only contains about 7% water, compared to canned wet food,...