Here is a guide to the key parts of cleaning your Aquarium. 

  1. Cleaning the water
  2. Cleaning the filtration
  3. Cleaning the gravel
  4. Cleaning the other physical things in the tank
  5. Having a regular maintenance schedule

Cleaning The Aquarium Water

A big part of water health is ensuring that you use your aquarium test kits to understand where your water is at before you start taking any action. 

If you are out of time and you want to do something quick for your tank, a 20% water change is the most effective thing to do. Removing some of the old water and replacing it new water helps to ‘water’ down any of the unwanted nasty’s in the water.

20% is the maximum amount of water you should change in a normal water change,...

In today’s world there are fish tanks everywhere. You see them in shops and offices, at doctors’ and dentists’ rooms, on trade stalls at shows, in classrooms and, of course, in people’s homes. Fish keeping is one of the world’s most popular hobbies, and at any one time around 10% of households in New Zealand will have an aquarium. And, yet, how often do you see one that makes you stop and say ‘wow’!

Every now and then, you see an aquarium that really knocks your socks off, one that just glows with beauty and tranquility, drawing attention and admiration from all. This, I believe, is what most people want their aquarium to look like. So let’s have a look at how to achieve this.

Less is more
The selection of fish and plant types...

My first ever aquarium, bought when I was a young teenager, was a mess. It was permanently green, had a peculiar odour, and there were ever-changing piles of decomposing matter at various points across the bottom. In fact, looking back on it now from comfortable middle age, I have to admit that it fitted the ambience of my early teenage bedroom perfectly. What’s more, I loved it with a passion!

However, it is fair to say that most people do not like smelly, green and grubby-looking fish tanks. And yet so many of them end up that way and eventually become such a disappointment that the owner gives up keeping fish altogether. Yet it’s actually not that difficult to keep an aquarium clean and attractive, and in the process to keep the...