With the start of daylight savings and the summer season upon us, we are all eager to venture outside and enjoy the great outdoors with our dogs.

While summer outdoors can be loads of fun be sure to take steps to protect your dog from heat stroke. Whether going for a walk, a ride in the car, or just playing out in the yard, the heat can be harmful and lead to heat stroke or even worse more serious conditions such as a stroke or cardiac arrest.

Learn more on identifying the signs of heat stroke and how to keep your furry friend cool and safe this summer.

Understand the causes

Any hot environment can cause heat stroke in dogs, but the most common cause is a careless action by a pet owner, such as leaving a dog in a car or...


Protect your pet this Guy Fawkes

Chances are your pet will suffer from some degree of anxiety and fear at Guy Fawkes time. This is because sudden loud sharp noises coupled with bright flashes are all reasons for animals to be afraid and seek safety. The fact that it only happens once a year and that Guy Fawkes turns your pets usual controlled environment into a battle ground adds to the confusion and anxiety most pets feel.

It is worth remembering that our pets’ senses are far more sensitive than our own. A dogs hearing is twice, and a cats hearing is three times, more sensitive than ours. So not only are the sounds of fireworks very loud they can also be painful for our pets. There are some great alternatives to drugs that...

Sound extreme? Well just ask those neglected pot plants that have not been watered enough, if they could talk, I am sure they would agree! Now, I may be drawing a long bow when I compare dying pot plants to your faithful pets but water is the single most important nutrient to all living things and there are some very important things to know about the water requirements of cats and dogs.

  • Dogs and cats need to consume 60-70ml of water per kilogram of body weight each day. This means that for an average 4.5kg cat it needs about 300ml per day. For a 25kg dog, the water requirement is about 1600ml per day. 
  • Dogs are naturally more inclined to drink than cats. They will drink enough water to replenish any dehydration within 24hours...

A range of healthy new dog treats are now available from K9 Natural. These tasty bites are the ideal “responsible” treat for your dog, thanks to their all-natural ingredients and nutritional benefits. And judging by the in-house trials, our furry friends would do just about anything for a taste of them!

The Healthy Bites (available in chicken, beef and lamb) and Green Lipped Mussel Healthy Snacks are made with natural, locally sourced New Zealand ingredients and are also:

  • Packed with protein
  • Free of grains
  • Free of gluten
  • Free of artificial flavours and preservatives

Perfect for training, rewarding or just being your best friend, these treats also add a little nutrition boost for your dog – so you can ensure...