Having a fish tank in your home has proven effects in reducing stress and improving mental health. So it is no surprise that more and more people are choosing to set up an aquarium in their own home. When it comes to fish keeping there are such a range of species, colours and sizes available so there is something suitable for every experience level, home and space. But if you are thinking about setting up an aquarium there a few things you need to know to ensure it is a smooth and stress free process for both you and your future pet.

Choose A Fish Tank

When choosing a fish tank it is important to do a bit of planning and research into what species of fish you want to keep inside it. This is so you select a tank that is most...

Having clear water is an important aspect of keeping an aquarium.

Water clarity can be fixed in a couple of different ways...

  1. By using a chemical that binds all of the small particles together and creates a clump, this clump then gets caught in the filter and goes away. The clump won’t be visible to the naked eye but over a couple of days it does clear your tank.
  2. Keeping your aquarium filter clean, especially the aquarium filter wool will help to remove any smaller particles.
  3. Making sure that you have cleaned all of your aquarium gravel and anything that you have put into your tank well before you add in water, as the dust and particles from all of these products can add to the dirtiness of the water in your tank.

When thinking about water quality, it’s important to remember that the very thing that your fish lives in is water. It is all around them, they ‘breathe’ it through their gills, so the quality of your fish tank's water is critical to your fish’s health, wellbeing and ultimately their survival.

You should test your aquarium frequently to keep an eye on any changes in the makeup of the water. You should also check the water quality if your fish are looking sick or you have had a death in your tank.

What do I need to test for?

We recommend that you test your fish tank regularly, fully testing on these main four areas; Nitrite, Nitrate, Ammonia and PH. When you first get a fish tank we recommend that you test the water once a week...

Aquarium lighting has big part to play in the look of your aquarium and also the health of your fish and plants. The most important factor to consider when buying an aquarium lighting system or an aquarium system with the lighting already installed is what type of fish and plants you are looking to keep in your aquarium.

If you are planning to keep plants in your aquarium then choose carefully as it will make the world of difference.

The other factor for fish tank lighting is that you are trying to create a natural environment for the fish; this includes having a similar lighting cycle to the day, with lighting during the day while the sun is up and dark for a period of time at night.

The best thing you can do is to get a timer...

How Do You Choose The Right Sized Aquarium Heater?

1 watt per litre of aquarium water is the rule of thumb. Most aquarium heaters have a manual thermostat so you can adjust the heater accordingly which is important if you are in colder or warmer climates. The key to keeping a healthy aquarium is to try and reduce the fluctuations in temperature.

Tank Size Heater Size
25 Litres 25 Watt
50 Litres 50 Watt
75 Litres 100 Watt
100 Litres 100 Watt
150 Litres 150 Watt
200 Litres 200 Watt
250 Litres 250 Watt
300 Litres 300 Watt

Having a Spare Aquarium Heater

Having a spare aquarium...