Small Pet Chews

Small Pets have unique teeth that will continue to grow for their whole lives. It is important that their teeth are worn down by chewing on hard items. If they don’t have the right things to chew on their teeth can grow too long, this causes problems including having trouble eating.

So ensure that the small pet always has some small pet chews in their cage or hutch that they can chew on. Wooden chews or mineral chews are ideal, if these aren't available to chew on consistently they may start chewing on things you may not want them to, like their hutch or other items in their enclosure, beds etc.

Small Pet Treats

Small pet treats are a great way to spend time with your pet. Small pet treats should be given in...

Like all pets ensuring a well-balanced diet is critical to a healthy small pet. All small pets need a good balance of veges as well as dry food. They should get their five veges a day as well as their fair share of dry small pet food available at all times.

Don’t over feed your small pets! Filling up the bowl to the top and then letting them eat it down over days means that after a couple of days the food could become stale and not taste as good. This also means that it is going to cost you a lot more than it needs to to feed your pet.

Put in about ¼-1/2 of cup of pallets or grain mix with fresh veges every day. If you find your pet is eating all of this quickly then you will need to feed more food, but this is a good starting...