Giving your bird a healthy bird treat on top of its bird food can be a great way to bond with your bird, especially if they eat it out of your hand or fingers.

There are many treats available for your pet, check out the range of Bird Treats available at

What Is The Best Treat For Your Bird?

Most birds love a treat, generally treats are categorized in what size bird they will suit. So if you have a small bird like a budgie or a finch you will need a small type of bird treat and if you have a larger bird like a parrot you will need to look at the large bird treats.

Some bird treats are a quick treat that birds gobble up, while some are a treat stick that you can hang in their cage, both options are a great way to...

Avian veterinarians and bird breeders have long understood that at least 75% of health problems encountered in birds are directly related to poor nutrition.

There are two main types of bird food...

Bird Seed Diet

At we only supply good quality seed and mixtures. Some of the bird food mixtures include dried fruit and peanuts, so make sure if you are comparing pricing that you are also comparing the ingredients as well.

Extruded Diet

Extruded bird food diets are nuggets that are designed to give your bird all of the nutritional requirements your bird needs to. These diets are great from the point of view that every nugget has the same nutritional value so it doesn't matter which nugget they choose to eat they will...