A debate has been going on in recent years over the importance of vaccinations. In human medicine an increasing number of parents are opting not to vaccinate their children, which is causing concern for health officials. Veterinarians are also concerned that a growing number of unvaccinated pets increase the risk of a disease epidemic.

The importance of vaccination cannot be underplayed, and the success so far of the World Health Organisation’s ‘global polio eradication campaign’ is an illustration of the real value of large scale vaccinating. However, we also need to balance this with the risk of side effects. In the 1990s a type of cancer was linked to inoculations for rabies, necessary when exporting animals to some countries...

Guy Fawkes – A Helping Hand from Vetwise and Pet.co.nz

Unless your pet has had military training on how to cope in a war zone the chances are that they will suffer from some degree of anxiety and fear at Guy Fawkes time. This is because sudden loud sharp noises coupled with bright flashes are all reasons for animals to be afraid and seek safety. The fact that it only happens once a year and that Guy Fawkes turns your pets usual controlled environment into a battle ground adds to the confusion and anxiety most pets feel.

Our vet clinics always have a lot of enquiries this time of year from owners worried about how to help their pets cope with Guy Fawkes. It is worth remembering that our pets’ senses are far more sensitive than our...

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Did you know that 85% of dogs have dental disease by the age of 3*(1,2).
If left, dental disease can lead to serious health problems such as heart, liver or kidney disease*(1). 

Periodontal disease is the most commonly diagnosed problem in dogs*(3).
This is due to toothbrushing being difficult, with only 10% of owners brushing their dogs teeth

Physical signs of dental disease include – Halitosis, increased salivation, red gums, unwilling/inablilty to eat, tartar build up on the teeth.

There are four stages of Periodontal Dental Issues on dogs.

  1. Plaque
    The combination of bacteria, salivary mucin, and food by-products that adhere to the tooth surface. Can be...

Remember, that the best place for advice for any dog health issues is your local vet. Sometimes it is easier and cheaper to find a solution from your local pet store, just like we go to the pharmacy, but if we or our dog are sick then we should really go to the doctor.

To tell if your dog is unwell some of the key signs to look out for are if your dog is vomiting, has runny poo’s or a change in their activity level or behaviour. 

Plenty of Water

Just like humans dogs need a good amount of water to really keep them healthy and flush their system of any toxins. Making sure your dog has a good level of clean water is really important.

Dog Dental Care

Some dogs will make it near impossible to brush their teeth, so dental dog...


The death of a beloved pet can be hugely painful, and it’s difficult to plan for such a sad event. But think back to your early childhood memories of pets passing away. Goldfish flushed unceremoniously down the toilet. Guinea pigs and bunnies wrapped in old tea towels, and cats squashed into shoeboxes. Surely our furry family members are worth a little more thought?

So when the unfortunate time comes what's the next step? How do we provide a dignified burial?

Well… Rest In Pets wants to help make it a special moment for animal lovers and has designed a set of products that finally gives pet lovers an affordable option. 

A complete burial "kit" that can not only be personalized with a loving message, but is...