Blue skies and long, balmy days... summer has arrived! Keep your pets healthy, happy and safe during the warmer months, with our helpful advice.

Try and keep your pets out of the sun during the hottest part of the day – 11am to 3pm.

Aquariums and caged pets should never be left in direct sunlight. Shelter outdoor and caged pets from the sun, in a shady spot under a tree.

Animals with light-coloured noses and white hair are particularly susceptible to sunburn on their ears, noses, stomachs and testicles, and this makes them more prone to skin cancer. Apply a pet sunscreen to vulnerable areas.

Always provide your pets with a constant supply of clean, cool water.

Summer is the moulting season for many pets, so regular

Everyone who keeps ornamental fish wants them to be healthy, and it’s not that difficult to achieve. Yet the whole area of fish health carries with it a certain amount of fear. People are scared that their fish will die and that the time, effort and money they’ve invested in an aquarium or pond will be wasted.. There’s also the believe that if they start looking into fish health they’ll have to absorb huge amounts of information, and turn into some kind of ‘fish nerd’. That’s simply not true. It’s the job of people like me, and the guys at your local pet store to become ‘fish nerds’ – not such a bad thing to be, really. All you have to do is understand a few basics.

Look After The Fish Tank Water

The first basic to grasp is...