Blue skies and long, balmy days... summer has arrived! Keep your pets healthy, happy and safe during the warmer months, with our helpful advice.

Try and keep your pets out of the sun during the hottest part of the day – 11am to 3pm.

Aquariums and caged pets should never be left in direct sunlight. Shelter outdoor and caged pets from the sun, in a shady spot under a tree.

Animals with light-coloured noses and white hair are particularly susceptible to sunburn on their ears, noses, stomachs and testicles, and this makes them more prone to skin cancer. Apply a pet sunscreen to vulnerable areas.

Always provide your pets with a constant supply of clean, cool water.

Summer is the moulting season for many pets, so regular

Aside from cats and dogs, there are numerous small creatures that will make a wonderful addition to your family. Here’s a brief outline of the small animal companions available.

Pet Rabbits

Rabbits are sociable pets and the more time you spend with them, the more friendly and tame they will become. They need lots of stimulation and interaction, as well as time out of their hutch to exercise.

Average Cost Of A Pet Rabbit

There are many different breeds of rabbits in New Zealand and Australia, including the Dwarf Lop, NZ White, French Angora and Flemish Giant. Prices can range from $10 - $100.

How Many Rabbits?

Rabbits can become aggressive when they reach sexual maturity and may have to be separated. Speak to your pet...