Worms are a common problem for cats and dogs – especially young kittens and puppies. The nasty parasites live inside their stomach and intestines – getting first dibs on the nutrients and goodness in their food.

Worms come in many shapes and sizes, from the large, stringy roundworm to the tiny hookworm. The two most prevalent are the tapeworm and roundworm.

Tapeworms develop inside fleas that have eaten tapeworm eggs, which the pet then swallows when grooming. Widespread in your pet’s environment, they can grow up to half a metre long and deprive your pet of valuable nutrients from their ideal spot in the intestinal tract.

Roundworms live in the stomach and are contracted when, via an innocent sniff or accidental tread, your...

If you provide your bird with a good diet, plenty of fresh water a clean, well maintained environment and plenty of interaction, birds are a great pets. Some of the other things to consider for providing this environment are...

  • No drafts from open windows and doors
  • Teflon fumes – when you cook on teflon it can omit a fume that is toxic to birds
  • Poisonous plants
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Paint or any chemical fumes
  • Other pets in the house
  • Open draws – they can climb into draws and around the back of the draw

These are just a few of the things that can be a hazard if your bird is loose in the house.

If your bird has been hand reared, then it is critical to ensure that you keep up this level of interaction with your bird to...

Wing clipping and nail clipping – can be done by yourself but unless experienced we would always recommend that you consult your local vet as to how to do this or whether they can help you out.

Blue skies and long, balmy days... summer has arrived! Keep your pets healthy, happy and safe during the warmer months, with our helpful advice.

Try and keep your pets out of the sun during the hottest part of the day – 11am to 3pm.

Aquariums and caged pets should never be left in direct sunlight. Shelter outdoor and caged pets from the sun, in a shady spot under a tree.

Animals with light-coloured noses and white hair are particularly susceptible to sunburn on their ears, noses, stomachs and testicles, and this makes them more prone to skin cancer. Apply a pet sunscreen to vulnerable areas.

Always provide your pets with a constant supply of clean, cool water.

Summer is the moulting season for many pets, so regular

Today the New Zealand and Australian public can boldly shout out their hentelligence – the full understanding of where eggs come from and the difference between free-range and caged hens. This is a badge I know many of us proudly display when we purchase our free-range eggs every week from the local supermarket. You heard it first from us – you are a hentelligent person and you should be proud of your hentelligent decisions.

However, many of the earth’s residents are blissfully unaware of the impact our choices in eggs have on the humble hen. Understandably, for many Kiwis and international folk alike, the continuing hike in food costs can mean the difference between purchasing free-range and caged eggs. There is also the small...