A debate has been going on in recent years over the importance of vaccinations. In human medicine an increasing number of parents are opting not to vaccinate their children, which is causing concern for health officials. Veterinarians are also concerned that a growing number of unvaccinated pets increase the risk of a disease epidemic.

The importance of vaccination cannot be underplayed, and the success so far of the World Health Organisation’s ‘global polio eradication campaign’ is an illustration of the real value of large scale vaccinating. However, we also need to balance this with the risk of side effects. In the 1990s a type of cancer was linked to inoculations for rabies, necessary when exporting animals to some countries...

Winter is here! Dig out those winter jumpers, dust off the skis and chop the firewood – but don’t forget to spare a thought for your pets that also need special attention in the chilly months. Here are some tips to keep your pet happy and healthy through the winter.

Cosy cribs
Top of the list is a warm bed. Cats, especially older moggies, just love warm spots near the heater or a cosy box lined with warm blankets.. As a special treat, include a snugly heatpad and hear that puss purr! Cats always seem to find the spots where the warm sun hits, but beware – their curious nature can lead them to some dangerous places, such as the tumble dryer, or under a car. Always check for your feline friend before you back the car out of the...

Like most pet’s small pets can have issues, one of the most common is mites. If you suspect mites we recommend you get your small pet to the vet.

Mite Powder

Mite powder is a great product to treat any mites or parasites that you may see on the pet, but we always recommend getting veterinary advice if you are unsure as to what may be wrong with your small pet.

Flea Treatment for Rabbits

Advantage Flea treatment is suitable for Rabbits.

Vitamins and Minerals

Small pets get a lot of these from vegetables, the other things that can provide this are minerals are salt and mineral licks.

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The best type of small pet housing is designed to take in their natural characteristics, for example guinea pigs don’t need much exercise, but they enjoy a view so an enclosure with a shelf is great as they like to look around and then retreat in their little house within a house if they feel frightened.

With all small pets the more you handle them the friendlier they will be, so make sure you do spend the time with them to ensure they remain friendly companions.

Rabbits Hutches and Cages

Rabbits love to exercise and the bigger the rabbit cage the better. Rabbit cages don’t necessarily need to be vertically tall but should have a large footprint on the ground. Rabbits can also be quite messy so you need to have a space that has...