Just like kids can get bored with their toys so can your dog. We recommend that you have at least five dog toys so you can rotate them around. They only need one dog toy at a time so set up a toy box for your dog and give them a new toy every day to keep them excited about the toy.

There is definitely a variety of the types of dog toys, here is a breakdown of the types of toys that are available...

Plush Cuddly Dog Toys

Every dog is different with these some like to sleep with them in their bed just like a teddy bear, some dogs like to rip the stuffing out of them and it’s all over in five minutes. Don’t expect these toys to last for ever particularly if you have a dog that is a chewer.

Puppy Toys

Puppy toys are a little...

I got a great toy the other day, the Bionic Tug Toy. But as a I started to use it I thought of all the thousands of people who would think of not buying a tug toy as it can lead to dominance issues, so this article is how best to play tug with your dog.

When you are playing with a tug toy like this your dog does not think to itself “what happens if I keep winning, this must mean I am more dominant and therefore can control you!”. No, in fact your dog is just thinking what a great time it is having. 

Back however to the issue at hand of how to play tug of war. You want to win most of the time, however contrary to popular belief this has nothing to do with dominance, it just comes down to the fact that when you want to get something...

Its a repetitive ritual in most New Zealand homes. Monday to friday we go to work and leave behind our canine companions. Some are content to snooze the day away, while others look for ways to entertain themselves, sometimes leading to destructive behaviour. Boredom can be a big problem for some dogs, however there is a huge range of toys designed especially to keep their active minds and bodies busy. 

Pet.co.nz has put together our top five toy picks for keeping your dog happy and entertained while you are away.

1:Kongclassic kong
Made from a natural rubber, a kong provides your pet with a treat and chew toy that is safe and durable. The odd shape creates an unpredictable bounce keeping your dog busy. While the hole in the bottom ables you...

Most dogs need to learn to use a Kong. Follow these steps to ensure your dog knows how to enjoy all the benefits of this popular toy.

extreme kong


It’s important to use the right size Kong so that your dog can have the safest, most enjoyable experience. Not sure where to start on sizing? Contact our helpdesk team at pet.co.nz.


Get your dog excited about their new Kong. Show it off and talk about it excitedly; maybe even play a little hard-to-get to pique their interest and show them what their new toy can do.


Many dogs are motivated by food and Kong toys are perfect for stuffing with treats or kibble to keep dogs busy. The key is to stuff...

There are so many toys and activities for us to enjoy with our four legged friends, but one that is growing in popularity is Canine Frisbee, also known as a Flyer.
Read on to hear our tips on teaching your dog to learn and enjoy this fun sport. 

Rolling Disc Chase
Try rolling a Flyer on the ground, like a wheel. Roll the disc on its side using a roll toss. Hold the disc upright in the palm of your hand with your thumb on the gripping ridges, roll the disc back toward your bicep then fling it outward to the ground. Get your dog to chase after the disc. If he goes for it, be sure to praise or reward him. If your dog doesn’t go for the disc, don’t worry and don’t show any frustration. This is just learning after all. Just keep trying...