have fun and stay fit

Playing active games is a great way for pets and their owners to bond together and also stay mentally and physically healthy. For puppies and kittens, regular activity is especially important and the good news is that providing your pet with enough activity doesn’t need to take a lot of time or effort.

The benefits of active play:

  • Physical health:  Active play helps keep your pet's heart healthy and assists with weight control. It also keeps the joints lubricated, and improves overall balance and coordination.
  • Mental health:  Games with rules force your pet to use their brain, not just their body. This can help keep their mind sharp and focused.
  • Social skills:  When your pet plays with other pets and other people, it...

test your dog's IQ

How smart is your pup? A doggie IQ test looks at several different qualities to determine your dog’s smarts! Testing canine intelligence is useful in identifying your dog’s strengths and provides a great bonding experience. Below are some tasks you can do at home to test your dog’s IQ. These tasks are designed to evaluate a pup’s ability to learn, retain information and their capacity for reasoning and problem-solving. Read on to see how you can test your own dog’s smarts.

Part 1: Place a large blanket or towel over your dog’s head and stopwatch how long it takes them to break free from their blanket prison. This task will provide insights into your dog’s ability to solve problems.


Succeeds in 15 seconds or less =...


When it’s raining cats and dogs, chances are your pooch gets a little stir crazy without the option of a long walk or play at the park. Noticing your pet is bored is the first step in bringing fun back into their day.

Signs your dog is bored

  • Destructive behaviour and breaking the rules
  • Looking mopey or following you around all day
  • Repetitive behaviour like chasing the tail
  • Barking and whining

Top Tips for entertaining your dog this winter

Here are 8 fun indoor activities that will help you and your pooch beat the wintertime blues, burn off some energy and keep out of trouble!

Tip 1: Who doesn't love a good puzzle? Pet puzzles contain various shapes and compartments that hide treats or kibble pieces inside....

Just like kids can get bored with their toys so can your dog. We recommend that you have at least five dog toys so you can rotate them around. They only need one dog toy at a time so set up a toy box for your dog and give them a new toy every day to keep them excited about the toy.

There is definitely a variety of the types of dog toys, here is a breakdown of the types of toys that are available...

Plush Cuddly Dog Toys

Every dog is different with these some like to sleep with them in their bed just like a teddy bear, some dogs like to rip the stuffing out of them and it’s all over in five minutes. Don’t expect these toys to last for ever particularly if you have a dog that is a chewer.

Puppy Toys

Puppy toys are a little...

I got a great toy the other day, the Bionic Tug Toy. But as a I started to use it I thought of all the thousands of people who would think of not buying a tug toy as it can lead to dominance issues, so this article is how best to play tug with your dog.

When you are playing with a tug toy like this your dog does not think to itself “what happens if I keep winning, this must mean I am more dominant and therefore can control you!”. No, in fact your dog is just thinking what a great time it is having. 

Back however to the issue at hand of how to play tug of war. You want to win most of the time, however contrary to popular belief this has nothing to do with dominance, it just comes down to the fact that when you want to get something...