We constantly mention our air-dried process – and rightfully so! It’s a process that we are very proud of and see the results of day in day out in the dogs and cats we own and love at ZiwiPeak.  But what do we do exactly? Why is our air-drying so special? And what makes air-drying so different to the kibble extrusion process ? Let’s explain…

Nutritional benefits of Air-Drying

The ingredients that go into a pet food are only half the story. What you put in isn’t necessarily what you get out. Between input and output, there’s a production process – this is a crucial part to preserving the nutritional value of the original ingredients and the final product that we feed to our pets.

To explain, you could begin with excellent...

Cats love treats too. It’s a great way to bond with your cat, and it’s amazing how many cat treats they like.

Dental cat treats – anything that crunches around their tooth, and allows their tooth to penetrate into the biscuit helps to clean the teeth by removing plaque. So cat treats are particularly important for cats that eat a lot of wet food.

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