A range of healthy new dog treats are now available from K9 Natural. These tasty bites are the ideal “responsible” treat for your dog, thanks to their all-natural ingredients and nutritional benefits. And judging by the in-house trials, our furry friends would do just about anything for a taste of them!

The Healthy Bites (available in chicken, beef and lamb) and Green Lipped Mussel Healthy Snacks are made with natural, locally sourced New Zealand ingredients and are also:

  • Packed with protein
  • Free of grains
  • Free of gluten
  • Free of artificial flavours and preservatives

Perfect for training, rewarding or just being your best friend, these treats also add a little nutrition boost for your dog – so you can ensure...


Giving your pet a treat is an effective training aid, a reward for good behaviour and a way to show them love and make them happy. In general, treating your pet is a healthy practice, but it should be just that: a treat. An overweight pet and pet obesity is a major contributor to pets with arthritis, diabetes, and other preventable issues.

Here are a few basic tips that will help keep treat time healthy.


Start by using treats sparingly. It is, after all, a treat, and make sure treats aren’t spoiling scheduled meal times. Look at the ingredients and avoid too much crude fat or sugars that can contribute to weight gain.

Also, try to look for treats that contain a calorie count on the packaging so you can...


When it’s raining cats and dogs, chances are your pooch gets a little stir crazy without the option of a long walk or play at the park. Noticing your pet is bored is the first step in bringing fun back into their day.

Signs your dog is bored

  • Destructive behaviour and breaking the rules
  • Looking mopey or following you around all day
  • Repetitive behaviour like chasing the tail
  • Barking and whining

Top Tips for entertaining your dog this winter

Here are 8 fun indoor activities that will help you and your pooch beat the wintertime blues, burn off some energy and keep out of trouble!

Tip 1: Who doesn't love a good puzzle? Pet puzzles contain various shapes and compartments that hide treats or kibble pieces inside....

We constantly mention our air-dried process – and rightfully so! It’s a process that we are very proud of and see the results of day in day out in the dogs and cats we own and love at ZiwiPeak.  But what do we do exactly? Why is our air-drying so special? And what makes air-drying so different to the kibble extrusion process ? Let’s explain…

Nutritional benefits of Air-Drying

The ingredients that go into a pet food are only half the story. What you put in isn’t necessarily what you get out. Between input and output, there’s a production process – this is a crucial part to preserving the nutritional value of the original ingredients and the final product that we feed to our pets.

To explain, you could begin with excellent...

Dog treats are a great way to reward your dog, keep them occupied and also to keep them healthy. So there truly is a treat for every occasion!

How Often Should I Treat My Dog!

Treating your dog is something that you should do as regularly as you want to; some people leave a treat with their dog when they go out in the morning to keep them occupied when they are out. Others like to treat them after dinner or just before bed. Or some people flick them a big clod bone on a Saturday morning as their weekly treat. There is no right or wrong rule for treating your pet as long as they are maintaining a healthy weight and you are not seeing any issues like vomiting or diaherrea– go for gold!

Things You Shouldn't Feed Your...