From a robust immune system to proper digestion to a healthy heart,  good nutrition is essential in keeping your pet healthy. The proper diet can help him maintain a healthy weight, healthy skin and lustrous coat and even keep his teeth clean too. It can also help address health issues, like itchy skin, digestive upsets, and joint problems. So how can you tell if you’re feeding your pet the proper nutrition?

By feeding a high quality diet like Eukanuba and Iams, not only do you feed substantially less than a diet containing lower quality ingredients, but there’s less waste to pick up in the backyard.

At Eukanuba, our contribution and dedication to nutritional science has helped millions of pets be the best they can be through...

At Nutrience we make it a priority to source ingredients from world class Canadian and US growers. Fruits, vegetables and botanicals harvested at their peak combined with top of the line meat and fish proteins are at the core of our product.

Good food is made great by adding just the right amounts of healthy fats, low-glycemic carbohydrates and nutritional supplements.

That great food is Nutrience.

Healthy Fats

Fish & Salmon Oil

Coldwater fish such as salmon and herring contain some of the highest levels of DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids. They can help to improve your pet’s skin and coat, reduce inflammation, regulate the immune system, improve cognitive function and can assist in prenatal...

This year’s Westminster Best in Show Champion Miss P is fed PRO PLAN just like the last 8 Westminster champions before her. With more than 2,700 dogs entered in this year’s show, the Best in Show title is a hard-won honour that means Miss P is now recognised as one of the most outstanding dogs in the world.

Miss P isn’t the only one who eats PRO PLAN. In fact, all 7 of the group champions this year do, too, and so do 94 out of the top 100 AKC All-Breed Champions.* Why? Because PRO PLAN delivers exceptional nutrition and outstanding taste. Every bag of PRO PLAN is the result of almost a century of experience feeding pets and is backed by over 400 scientists, including nutritionists, veterinarians and behaviourists.

But champion...

Why Easter & Dogs Don’t Go Hand in Paw

The average dog is a furry vacuum cleaner. Any crumb that falls from the table, any meat that’s left out to thaw, and any titbit that’s sneakily passed when his owners aren’t looking vanish in a split second. This is a great skill shared by most canine companions but unfortunately it’s not so great when the delicacy in question is chocolate.

Chocolate can make your pooch sick – and in very serious cases, consumption of this sweet treat could even result in death. That’s right; this glorious sugary treat that makes humans delirious with happiness has the potential to kill man’s best friend.

How? Well, one of the main ingredients, cacao, contains a substance called theobromine which,...

My new kitten acquired the nickname ‘Fat Freddie’ because she had the cutest, round pot belly I’d ever seen. However, I was in for a surprise when on her first visit to the vet I discovered her roly-poly tummy was a symptom of intestinal worms!

Thankfully, Freddie would be fine (and a little slimmer) after a few days of treatment, and the vet reassured me that even the most loved, happy and healthy pets can get worms.

A wormy world
Worms are a common problem for cats and dogs – especially young kittens and puppies. The nasty parasites live inside their stomach and intestines – getting first dibs on the nutrients and goodness in their food.

Worms come in many shapes and sizes, from the large, stringy roundworm to the tiny...