sensitive stomach? It's a sensitive issue

It can be common for cats and dogs to experience an upset stomach, and in most cases, they will recover just fine on their own. However, sometimes an upset stomach is more than just an upset stomach and may be in fact be a stomach sensitivity or even worse, an underlying health concern.

A tummy upset that goes beyond the 24-hour period can cause further health issues, such as dehydration, anemia, and weight loss. If this is the case with your pet - take them to the vet for a thorough examination.

Common symptoms of stomach sensitivities:

Do you have a cat or dog that has one or more of the following symptoms?

  • Intermittent loose stools
  • Occasional vomiting
  • Excessive flatulence
  • Picky or fussy with their...


Giving your pet a treat is an effective training aid, a reward for good behaviour and a way to show them love and make them happy. In general, treating your pet is a healthy practice, but it should be just that: a treat. An overweight pet and pet obesity is a major contributor to pets with arthritis, diabetes, and other preventable issues.

Here are a few basic tips that will help keep treat time healthy.


Start by using treats sparingly. It is, after all, a treat, and make sure treats aren’t spoiling scheduled meal times. Look at the ingredients and avoid too much crude fat or sugars that can contribute to weight gain.

Also, try to look for treats that contain a calorie count on the packaging so you can...

have fun and stay fit

Playing active games is a great way for pets and their owners to bond together and also stay mentally and physically healthy. For puppies and kittens, regular activity is especially important and the good news is that providing your pet with enough activity doesn’t need to take a lot of time or effort.

The benefits of active play:

  • Physical health:  Active play helps keep your pet's heart healthy and assists with weight control. It also keeps the joints lubricated, and improves overall balance and coordination.
  • Mental health:  Games with rules force your pet to use their brain, not just their body. This can help keep their mind sharp and focused.
  • Social skills:  When your pet plays with other pets and other people, it...


Though you may think nothing of your pet’s extra weight, overweight pet's is an increasing problem. Obesity in animals can cause a variety of health-related issues and may even shorten the lifespan of your beloved pet. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to become informed on the issue and find a healthy way to get your pet’s weight back on track.

How do Pets Become Overweight?

Pets become overweight for a variety of reasons, including consuming too many calories, not enough exercise, feeding too frequently or consuming table scraps!

Treats can also contribute to the problem with many dog and cat owners over treating their pets with multiple treats per day.

Nature vs. Nurture

Most pets are always happy to eat...


We all love our pets and want to make sure they are in the best of health. Heart disease can be scary when it comes to our furry friends, but understanding the warning signs can save their lives.

Signs of heart disease are usually easier to see in dogs and less detectable in cats. Schedule an appointment with your vet especially if they have fainted, have a persistent cough, difficulty breathing, or noticeable abdominal swelling.

Preventive, proactive care is the best kind of care we can offer our pets, so ensure you take your cat or dog to the vet at least once per year. A regular checkup could spot the early warning signs of heart disease.

Ten signs your pet could have heart disease:

  • A persistent cough
  • Difficulty...