Hill's™ Science Diet™ Perfect Weight Pet food provides breakthrough nutrition formulated to help your Dog and Cat achieve a healthy weight and improve quality of life.

  • Over 70% of dogs and cats lost weight within 10 weeks when fed this nutrition
  • Healthy weight adds to quality of life and life expectancy
  • Prebiotic fibres for gentle digestion
  • Ideal for multi-cat households with cats of different breeds & weights
  • 100% precisely balanced nutrition

Recommended For:

Adult dogs and cats that require fewer calories (i.e. dogs and cats that are less active, neutered or otherwise prone to weight gain).

Not Recommended For:

Puppies, kittens, adult dogs and cats not prone to gaining excess weight.

Pregnant or...

WashBar have been working on this for nearly two years … and they have finally developed a 100% Natural Shampoo.

We think it’s a big deal for dogs - it isn't just about 100% natural ingredients, it's about being free from all those things that compromise health and environment - parabens, sulfates, palm oil derivatives and synthetic fragrances & colours.

Many of those everyday brands you see on the shelf claim to be natural but they use non-natural preservatives, usually paraben or formaldehyde based - because they're cheap and effective. Problem is they're also linked to cancer and skin sensitivity issues.

We use a completely 100% natural preservative developed for use in high-end human skincare & cosmetic products. Our...

WashBar is a family owned and operated company,

They are committed to producing natural sustainable products, all products are made in New Zealand and  wherever possible the ingredients are sourced in NZ direct from growers.

The team at WashBar have always used best quality natural products on themselves. It made sense that this philosophy would then apply to their pets as well. 

Several years ago they made the move from their busy lives in Auckland to a beautiful spot on the banks of the Wairua River in Whangarei. As part of the change in pace they started making small batches of soap out of a cabin they had lived in while their house was being built.

A friend of theirs asked if they could make a Neem Oil Soap for her...

Addiction Foods - The hype over high protein pet food. Are they really necessary?

Protein is essential in the diets of dogs and cats, but more protein is not necessarily better. When it comes to eating high protein foods, some animals benefit, some animals do not benefit, and some animals are actually harmed by being fed higher protein diets.
An individual pet’s age, activity level, general health, and breed are all factors to consider when deciding whether a high protein food is right for your dog or cat. Work with your veterinarian to find out the ideal diet for an individual animal.

What are proteins?

Proteins are the primary building blocks of brain, muscle, fur, and skin. Proteins affect metabolism; regulates pH; and...

Top 5 Holiday Dangers to Pets

Pet health insurance companies are the experts when it comes to knowing what dangers are lurking in the festive season for pets. The following is the top 5 Christmas holiday dangers are some things you can do to prevent them spoiling your pets’ fun. 


1. Holiday Tinsel and Ornaments

Tinsel, while not toxic, is very attractive to pets, particularly cats. The shiny, dangling decoration reflects light and can move in the slightest draft — appearing to come alive to watchful critters.

The problem with tinsel is that once it’s consumed, it can cause serious injury to your pet. If not caught in time, this foreign body ingestion could actually be fatal as it twists and bunches inside your pet’s...