Protect your pet this guy fawkes


Protect your pet this Guy Fawkes

Chances are your pet will suffer from some degree of anxiety and fear at Guy Fawkes time. This is because sudden loud sharp noises coupled with bright flashes are all reasons for animals to be afraid and seek safety. The fact that it only happens once a year and that Guy Fawkes turns your pets usual controlled environment into a battle ground adds to the confusion and anxiety most pets feel.

It is worth remembering that our pets’ senses are far more sensitive than our own. A dogs hearing is twice, and a cats hearing is three times, more sensitive than ours. So not only are the sounds of fireworks very loud they can also be painful for our pets. There are some great alternatives to drugs that will really help you and your pet cope better this Guy Fawkes.

The priorities are to:

  1. Reduce the amount of fireworks noise your pet can hear.

  2. Prevent them from being able to see the fireworks exploding.

  3. Reduce their anxiety.

The first two are best achieved by keeping your pet indoors, having the curtains pulled and turn up another source of noise such as TV or stereo. Providing a place for your pet to hide, like under a bed, can be very comforting for them so don’t try and coax them out.

Reducing your pets’ anxiety is not always so easily done. However, here are three great products that can help you to do this.

  1. Adaptil: This comes as a collar or diffuser and contains a synthetic copy of the calming pheromones released by nursing canine mothers which promotes calm and secure behaviour.

  2. Feliway: This is the feline equivalent of Adaptil which comes as a diffuser and contains the facial pheromone used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure.

  3. Thundershirts: There are Thundershirts for cats and dogs of all sizes. These snug-fitting shirts target various pressure points, creating a sensation similar to swaddling a baby. Veterinarians and dog trainers frequently recommend this drug-free option for dogs that suffer from a fear of loud noises (thus the name “Thundershirt”), travel anxiety and separation anxiety.

Remember that your behaviour has a significant influence on the amount of anxiety that your pet may be feeling. Follow these simple guidelines;

  • Don’t scold – Their behaviour is usually anxiety based so if you tell them off for running around or barking it will only heighten their anxiety and make them worse.

  • Don’t fuss – If you try to be too reassuring your pet may interpret this as positive reinforcement for their behaviour.

  • Provide alternative activities – the best way to help your pet is to try and distract them with games or toys or food. An excellent way to do this is with a “Slow Feeder” which can turn a 2 minute meal into 30 minutes of fun!

So be prepared and do your best to protect your pet this Guy Fawkes.