How smart is your pup?

test your dog's IQ

How smart is your pup? A doggie IQ test looks at several different qualities to determine your dog’s smarts! Testing canine intelligence is useful in identifying your dog’s strengths and provides a great bonding experience. Below are some tasks you can do at home to test your dog’s IQ. These tasks are designed to evaluate a pup’s ability to learn, retain information and their capacity for reasoning and problem-solving. Read on to see how you can test your own dog’s smarts.

Part 1: Place a large blanket or towel over your dog’s head and stopwatch how long it takes them to break free from their blanket prison. This task will provide insights into your dog’s ability to solve problems.


Succeeds in 15 seconds or less = 3

Succeeds in 15 – 30 seconds = 2

Succeeds in 30 seconds – 2 minutes = 1

Part 2: Place your pup’s favourite treat on the floor and make sure your dog is watching you. Cover the treat with a towel and start the stopwatch to see how long it takes your dog to get the treat from underneath the towel.


Succeeds in 30 seconds or less = 3

Succeeds in 30 – 60 seconds = 2

Tries but fails to uncover the treat in 1 minute = 1

Part 3: Underneath a piece of low furniture (low enough to the ground that only your dog’s paw will fit), place a treat within paws reach. This task will test your doggie’s reasoning and problem-solving skills.


Succeeds within 1 minute using paws only = 4

Succeeds within 2 minutes using paws only = 3

Fails within 3 minutes using paws and muzzle = 2

Fails using muzzle only = 1

Part 4: Place three empty cups upside down on the ground. While your pup is watching, place a treat under one of the cups. Distract your dog for a few seconds before allowing them to look for the treat. This test helps identify your dog’s ability to learn and retain information.


Looks under the correct cup first time = 3

Looks under one empty cup before correct cup = 2

Looks under two empty cups before correct cup = 1

Part 5: During a time of day, you do not normally go for a walk, pick up your pup’s lead while they are looking. This test helps to see your dog’s ability to retain associations.


Pup gets excited straight away = 2

You need to walk to the door before your pup gets the hint = 1

Part 6: Add up your results!

13 – 15 Points: Congratulations! Your dog is a genius.

9 – 12 points: Your dog is not Einstein but he’s still a smart cookie!

5 – 8 points: Your average pooch! Your dog won’t be the top graduate, but he’ll get by okay.

1 – 4 points: It doesn’t take brains to give cuddles and kisses!

Dogs that do well tend to be highly trainable and make great candidates for service dogs. But again, these tests are not foolproof and some dogs are simply stubborn. Their lack of cooperation has nothing to do with their intelligence. Even if your dog is not the smartest tool in the shed, it does not diminish the love and loyalty they have for you!