How to choose a sustainably sourced food for your dog

As we have become more aware of not only the impact of our own diet on our health, but the impact that the production of our food has on the environment. This has had a flow on effect to what we are feeding our pets. With pets so often seen as an extension to the family there is a higher demand for high-quality food, owners are paying more and more attention to the ingredients in the food they select for their animals. They are increasingly looking for pet food that includes all the nutritional value needed to ensure their pets live a long, vibrant and healthy life. But owners are looking further than just the ingredients list when choosing their pets food. They are becoming increasing interested in purchasing locally made products that are ethically produced from sustainably farmed ingredients.

Glow is an Australian made and owned dog food with a strong focus on sustainability with at least 93% of ingredients being locally sourced from within Australia. Their recipes are crafted from natural ingredients and focus on the use of novel proteins, novel ingredients, vegetables and ancient grains with high nutritional values. For example the use of responsibly produced sorghum as an alternative carbohydrate source, reduces the allergen risk and is a great option for dogs with allergies to gluten and wheat.

Each unique blend focuses on the use of sustainably sourced Australian ingredients, actively working towards reducing our environment paw print™. Their recipes use a combination of animal-based proteins such as locally sourced Australian chicken and Australian lamb and plant based novel proteins lupins and beans.  The use of pulses, lupins and beans that are farmed under sustainable management practices plays into their environmental focus. As these crops fix nitrogen back to the soil which means they use fewer chemical fertilisers which is great for the environment.

But it can often be complicated working out what actually goes into your pets food, and whether these ingredients and sustainably and ethically sourced. Glow prides themselves in using transparent labelling which makes it easy for pet parents to clearly see what is in their pet’s food and why it has been included. This is done through calling out the key ingredients in each recipe and highlighting the benefits that it will give to your pet.

For example across the entire range superfoods such as chia seeds have been added which are high in amino acids for muscle and cell growth, development and repair. Chia is a popular superfood with many benefits such as being hypoallergenic, non-soy, non-GMO, gluten free and sustainably grown. Also the essential omega 3 fatty acid DHA is added to all recipes to promote cognitive learning in puppies and maintain cognitive function in adult and senior animals. Our DHA is unique in that it is derived from dried algae which is a more sustainable source of DHA than processing fish for oil as per traditional methods. Another key addition to our recipes is saltbush which is rich in antioxidants to help support a strong immune system and protect against free radicals. Saltbush is a hardy Australian native plant that is easy to grow even in dry drought prone climates. Our saltbush is sustainably sourced from indigenous communities in South Australia.

The glow range has products suitable for use across all life stages focusing on the key nutritional requirements dogs have based on their age. Australian Chicken is available in Puppy (up to 1 year), Adult (1-6 years) and Mature (7+ years) variant. In addition, Glow also provides a second option for adult dogs with its Australian Lamb diet. Glow offers pet parents an affordable, natural premium dog food, by a brand that supports the use of sustainable Australian ingredients.

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