Get Vet Only products online and PETstock VET have joined forces so you can get veterinary-only products online at No appointment needed; it's as simple as you click, we fetch.

It was an important part of building a business in the pet industry for the team at to have the correct advice and guidance from experienced and successful veterinary professionals.

PETstock VET is the veterinary partner of and is committed to supporting our team to ensure that the health and wellbeing of your pet is given the importance it deserves. This support includes staff training, guidance with product selection as well as overseeing some of the information that is made available to you throughout the website.

At not only can you access a library of informative articles, ask questions through our helpdesk but you can also purchase a range of “vet-only” pet health products to make sure your pet gets the best products available. “Vet-only” products are sold under the watchful eye and stewardship of the PETstock veterinary team.

We will always ensure that the content in our site is up to date, factual, unbiased and reliable. Please remember though: We do not want you to use our site as a substitute for direct care with your own veterinarian but we would like you to use the information, forums and services at to become better informed and educated pet owners.

The PETstock VET veterinarians have a passion for “pet advocacy” - working with owners to achieve the best health care for their pets and you can contact us via our help desk. Remember, if you have a medical emergency then phone your nearest vet clinic or on-call veterinarian.

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