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Outward Hound® was founded to improve the lives of pet parents with meaningful innovations that raise The Woof!

A lofty goal? Sure. But that’s why we’ve built a team of dog-loving designers and product experts. We believe that good products should do more than satisfy a need: they should make life with your dog healthier, happier & more fun! They should inspire you to try new things and empower you to discover new possibilities with your furry friend.

Dog products should be durable, engaging & fun.

We work to solve common problems in fun & engaging ways. Whether it’s creating a smarter feeder that helps your dog eat healthier or designing a toy that can truly stand up to tough chewers, we’re dedicated to making quality products that you and your dog can enjoy for a long time.

We love dogs as much as they love us.

Our dogs make our lives better, and everyone at Outward Hound is dedicated to returning the favour. We do it for the dogs and the people who love them. That’s who we are. That’s who inspires us.

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