Cats love Ziwipeak!

The ZiwiPeak Cat Cuisine range has been formulated to meet the natural and instinctive nutritional needs of your cat by mirroring the diet it would have naturally enjoyed in the wild. If your Cat was hunting in the wild  it would eat virtually the whole animal, getting essential benefits from the meat, fat, organs and bone.  ZiwiPeak uniquely models this ‘wild prey’ philosophy by creating a Cat Cuisine that has no preservatives, no fillers and no carbohydrates from grains. Using only 100% natural New Zealand ingredients, it’s an approach that provides all the nutritional goodness your Cat needs at every life stage. And nothing they don’t need.

And the result?

  • Cats with improved health issues such as chronic renal failure, urinary crystals, kidney failure, pancreatitis and more
  • Cats with improved digestion
  • Cats with improved mobility and joint health
  • Cats with no allergy issues caused from nasty fillers such as grains and carbohydrates
  • Cats with healthier and shiny coats 
  • Cats with improved teeth and gum health

ZiwiPeak gives your Cat the equivalent of a raw wild-prey diet from a source and brand you can always trust, with all the convenience you value. And to top it off? Cats love it!