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PRO CLUB is living proof of Greatness

•    8 out of the last 8 Westminster Best In Show Champions were fed PRO PLAN. 

•    93 of the TOP 100 AKC All-Breed Champions from 2013 are fed Purina PRO PLAN.

PRO PLAN nutrition performs!  It brings out greatness you can see, so dogs and cats are energetic and resilient on the inside, and gleam with a stunning coat on the outside.

As a PRO CLUB member you will receive the following benefits:

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  • Special PRO CLUB PRO PLAN prices.
  • FREE Delivery for Orders over $39 to your door for your convenience, please allow up to 3 working days for delivery.  Delivery may take longer for rural areas.
  • Easy payment options:  Pet.co.nz accepts credit card, internet payment and bank deposits.
  • 15% discount off all pet accessories, pet toys, flea and worm treatments, (excluding other foods) purchased from pet.co.nz
  • All purchases are made directly from pet.co.nz and are subject to the their website terms and conditions.  All queries relating to purchases, service and delivery should be directed to pet.co.nz help-desk team.
  • Please be aware when you purchase PRO PLAN at PRO CLUB prices the 10% Auto ship discount will not apply.

If you are not already a member and would like ProPlan to support your litter you can request litter support through the proclub.co.nz website. 

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