Paw Justice Partnership

Here at we are passionate about all things pets, but nothing is more important than the health and welfare of our furry friends. That’s why we’re excited and proud to be the official sponsor of Paw Justice Charity.

About Paw Justice

Founded in 2009 by stuntmen Craig Dunn and Shaughan Campbell, Paw Justice is a registered charity with a mission to fight animal abuse and neglect in New Zealand. Driven by a love and passion for pets, Paw Justice acts as an advocate for those with no voices, with the aim of bringing about social change and reducing animal abuse rates.

Paw Justice has initiated and is involved in many community focused projects including setting up Pet Rescue and the Petfood Bank, initiating education programs to teach our youth about animal care and welfare (increasing empathy for animals), lobbying for animal welfare law, and setting up an emergency surgery fund.


We were so impressed with the work that Paw Justice does in our communities and on behalf of Kiwi pets that we decided to become an official sponsor and partner of the Paw Justice Charity.

As well as providing financial support for the charity work that they do, we are now working together in many other ways. From April 2014 is hosting the official Paw Justice Charity Shop where you can buy your favourite Paw Justice branded products and merchandise. All profits from Paw Justice branded products still go directly to Paw Justice but this has given the Paw Justice guys more time to concentrate on the important job of improving the lives of pets around NZ.

Pet Rescue is the adoption arm of Paw Justice Charity. Pet Rescue aims to connect families looking for a pet with rescue animals in need of a home. supports Pet Rescue and the Petfood Bank through the donation of food and other pet goods.

We will also be providing some great exclusive deals to Paw Justice members with a contribution of profits going back to Paw Justice! Make sure you watch this space - we have many more exciting things in the pipeline to support our fantastic new charitable partner!

Find out more about Paw Justice here.