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ProVida Feline Digest-Aid with Prebiotics Information

ProVida Feline Digest-Aid with Prebiotics

This is a scientifically developed formulation to support the inner health of your cat. Digest-Aid with Probiotics provides a range of nutrients that aid in developing and maintaining the correct digestive micro flora balance, essential for complete digestion of food.

Pre and Probiotics encourage the development of the beneficial gastro-intestinal micro flora to maintain digestive health and stimulate the development of the natural immune system. Ideal for cats with poor bowel function, digestive upset and anal gland concerns.

Simply sprinkle over the food once per day. Feeding rates below are intended as a guide only:

Small Cats = 1/2 teaspoon
Medium - Large Cats = 1 teaspoon

ProVida Feline Digest-Aid with Prebiotics

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Is this product suitable for weaning kittens anthe prevention of weaning diarrhea ?

Asked by Rose on 8 March 2018

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  • Hi there, it is designed to help with digestive upsets.

    Answered by Alecia on 19 April 2018

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