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K9 Natural Beef Green Tripe Information

K9 Natural Green Tripe Canned Booster

Perfect as a daily supplement, a highly palatable natural super-food and one of the best additions you can make to your dog's diet. 

Key Benefits:

  • Healthy, high protein boost that is packed with nutrients from quality New Zealand Grass-fed beef and finished Green Tripe.
  • Easily digestible, great for dog's with sensitivities 
  • Supports a healthy skin and coat
  • Made with fresh New Zealand water, promoting all important hydration through a dog's diet
  • No gelling agents, binders or fillers of any kind

Beef Green Tripe. Water added for processing. 

Nutritional Information

Minimum Crude Protein 9.50%
Minimum Crude Fat 6.50%
Minimum Crude Fibre 1.50%
Maximum Moisture 82.00%

This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. To use K9 Natural Tripe Boosters simply top over your dog’s current diet or feed as is. Your dog will love the added taste and you will love the added nutrition. To avoid overfeeding reduce the amount of other food accordingly. Feeding recommendations are a guide only.

Average Small Dog (5 kg / 11 lb)
 - feed 1⁄4+ can (370 g) per day,

Average Medium Dog (20 kg / 44 lb) - feed 1⁄2+ can (370 g) per day.

K9 Natural Beef Green Tripe

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