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Royal Canin Energy 4300 $179.99 Add to cart

Product Information

Royal Canin Energy 4300 Information

Complete feed for adult dogs: high energy for short intensive exercise and/or moderate activity. Helps support joints and bone consolidation thanks to a balanced level of calcium and phosphorus and specific nutrients. Energy content adapted to the effort and performance of sporting and working dogs. 

Key Benefits:

  • Activity booster
  • Supports joints and bone 

Made specifically for: All adult dogs with very high energy who undergo prolonged exercise and / or intense activity.

Rice, dehydrated poultry meat, animal fats, vegetable protein isolate*, maize gluten, minerals, hydrolysed animal proteins, vegetable fibres, beet pulp, fish oil, soya oil, copra oil, psyllium husks and seeds, fructo-oligo-saccharides, hydrolysed yeast (source of manno-oligo-saccharides), hydrolysed crustaceans (source of glucosamine), marigold extract (source of lutein), hydrolysed cartilage (source of chondroitin). ADDITIVES (per kg): Nutritional additives: Vitamin A: 23100 IU, Vitamin D3: 1000 IU, E1 (Iron): 48 mg, E2 (Iodine): 3.7 mg, E4 (Copper): 9 mg, E5 (Manganese): 62 mg, E6 (Zinc): 204 mg, E8 (Selenium): 0.09 mg - Preservatives - Antioxidants. ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Protein: 28% - Fat content: 21% - Crude ash: 7.6% - Crude fibres: 2.7% - Per kg: Calcium: 13 g - Phosphorus: 9 g. *L.I.P.: protein selected for its very high assimilation.

Arachidonic acid (%)0.09
Ash (%)7.6
Biotin (mg/kg)4.27
Calcium (%)1.3
Crude fibre (%)2.7
Dietary fibre (%)7.1
DL-methionine (%)0.71
EPA/DHA (%)0.43
[fat] (%)21.0
Glucosamine chloride (mg/kg)995.0
L-carnitine (mg/kg)160.0
Linoleic acid (%)3.22
Lutein (mg/kg)5.0
Metabolisable energy (calculated according to NRC85) (kcal/kg)3909.5
Metabolisable energy (measured) (kcal/kg)4145.0
Methionine Cystine (%)1.12
Moisture (%)8.0
Nitrogen-free extract (NFE) (%)32.7
Omega 3 (%)0.84
Omega 6 (%)3.45
Phosphorus (%)0.9
Protein (%)28.0
Starch (%)28.3
Taurine (mg/kg)2000.0
Vitamin A (UI/kg)25000.0
Vitamin C (mg/kg)300.0
Vitamin E (mg/kg)700.0


Other nutrients

Arginine (%)1.44
L-lysine (%)1.37



Choline (mg/kg)2000.0
Folic acid (mg/kg)16.3
Vitamin B1 Thiamin (mg/kg)4.2
Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin (mg/kg)0.07
Vitamin B2 Riboflavin (mg/kg)3.9
Vitamin B3 Niacin (mg/kg)15.1
Vitamin B5 Pantothenic acid (mg/kg)42.8
Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine (mg/kg)43.1
Vitamin D3 (UI/kg)1000.0



Chlorine (%)0.63
Copper (mg/kg)15.0
Iodine (mg/kg)3.7
Iron (mg/kg)194.0
Magnesium (%)0.06
Manganese (mg/kg)77.0
Potassium (%)0.7
Selenium (mg/kg)0.28
Sodium (%)0.4
Zinc (mg/kg)239.0

Recommended daily quantities (g/day): Water should be available at all times.

Adult weight5 kg 10 kg 12 kg 14 kg 16 kg 18 kg 20 kg 22 kg 24 kg 26 kg 
Normal exercise105 g1+1/8 cup170 g1+6/8 cup195 g2 cup220 g2+2/8 cup240 g2+4/8 cup265 g2+6/8 cup285 g3 cup305 g3+1/8 cup325 g3+3/8 cup345 g3+5/8 cup
Sustained exercice125 g1+2/8 cup205 g2+1/8 cup235 g2+4/8 cup260 g2+6/8 cup290 g3 cup315 g3+2/8 cup340 g3+4/8 cup365 g3+6/8 cup390 g4+1/8 cup410 g4+2/8 cup
High exercice155 g1+5/8 cup255 g2+5/8 cup295 g3+1/8 cup330 g3+4/8 cup360 g3+6/8 cup395 g4+1/8 cup425 g4+3/8 cup455 g4+6/8 cup485 g5 cup515 g5+3/8 cup
Adult weight28 kg 30 kg 32 kg 34 kg 36 kg 38 kg 40 kg 42 kg 45 kg 55 kg 
Normal exercise365 g3+6/8 cup380 g4 cup400 g4+1/8 cup420 g4+3/8 cup435 g4+4/8 cup455 g4+6/8 cup470 g4+7/8 cup490 g5+1/8 cup515 g5+3/8 cup595 g6+2/8 cup
Sustained exercice435 g4+4/8 cup460 g4+6/8 cup480 g5 cup500 g5+2/8 cup525 g5+4/8 cup545 g5+5/8 cup565 g5+7/8 cup585 g6+1/8 cup615 g6+3/8 cup710 g7+3/8 cup
High exercice545 g5+5/8 cup570 g6 cup600 g6+2/8 cup625 g6+4/8 cup655 g6+7/8 cup680 g7+1/8 cup705 g7+3/8 cup730 g7+5/8 cup770 g8 cup890 g9+2/8 cup


Royal Canin Energy 4300

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Question & Answers

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Royal Canin Energy 4300 Reviews

Average Customer Rating:
4.8 out 5
4.8 (From 4 reviews)
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  • Pros

    • Good Value (1)
    • Dog Likes It (4)
    • Easy To Digest (2)
    • Nutritional (2)
    • Improves Coat (1)
    • Tasty (3)
  • Cons

    • Expensive (1)
  • Best Uses

    • Active Dogs (4)
    • Larger Dogs (2)
    • Puppies (1)

By Katherine

8 February 2021

5 out 5

Quality feed, both dogs love this.

  • Pros

    • Dog Likes It
    • Easy To Digest
    • Good Value
    • Improves Coat
    • Nutritional
    • Tasty
  • Cons

  • Best Uses

    • Active Dogs
    • Larger Dogs
    • Puppies


I’m really happy with this feed. I’ve been trying to find a feed that works for my active large dog. Some biscuits have been too small, and some just too just too hard. This one works even for rewards so it must taste good.

Bottom Line

Yes, I'd recommend this product to a friend

Did you find this review helpful? YES or NO

By Susan

3 February 2021

4 out 5

The dogs seem to like it

  • Pros

    • Dog Likes It
  • Cons

  • Best Uses

    • Active Dogs


Only on the first bag, bought as a stop gap as my usual food was out of stock. So far the dogs seem to be doing okay on it. Have one fussy one, she eats t most of the time, where the other two eat it very eagerly.

Bottom Line

Yes, I'd recommend this product to a friend

Did you find this review helpful? YES or NO

By Tali

12 June 2019

5 out 5

Love it

  • Pros

    • Dog Likes It
    • Tasty
  • Cons

    • Expensive
  • Best Uses

    • Active Dogs
    • Larger Dogs


My 2 American Akita love it. They are fussy and we only give one cup with raw. We run them and keep them active so.not to put on the weight. My 2 just hammer it.

Bottom Line

Yes, I'd recommend this product to a friend

Did you find this review helpful? YES or NO

By Delia

2 May 2018

5 out 5

Happy pet

  • Pros

    • Dog Likes It
    • Easy To Digest
    • Nutritional
    • Tasty
  • Cons

  • Best Uses

    • Active Dogs


Great product, thanks

Bottom Line

Yes, I'd recommend this product to a friend

Did you find this review helpful? YES or NO