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Benefits of Grain Free Cat Food



Diet and Nutrition


Cats have survived in the wild for thousands of years following a grain free diet. But what is grain free and why is grain free cat food important for an indoor cat's health and tranquillity?

What is Grain Free Cat Food?

Grain free means that the product contains absolutely no grain based ingredients such as wheat, corn, rice or soy.

What are the Benefits of Grain Free Cat Food

Cats are obligate carnivores and require a high level of meat protein.

By excluding grains in our cat food, we can include more of the things that cats prefer, like real animal proteins. A high meat diet is similar to what they would have in nature.

Felines are Carnivores

Cats have survived for thousands of years eating a carnivorous diet high in protein and fats. They are true carnivores and instinctually crave meat. Although grains can sometimes be a good source of essential vitamins, minerals, and fibre, a cat's digestive system may not efficiently break down and utilise these carbohydrates.

Protein Rich Foods

Cats utilise animal-based protein for energy production and body functions and have done so for thousands of years in the wild. If you're looking to give your cat a diet that is close to what they would find in nature, look for cat food recipes that are grain free and high in animal-based proteins.

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Grain Free Cat Food

Trilogy Grain Free Cat Food

Trilogy’s recipes are designed by cat nutritionists to focus on the triad of nutrition based on cats actually eat in nature! Combining high quality animal proteins, natural grass and quality water as the foundation of all their specially crafted recipes that are designed to keep your cat naturally healthy. These recipes are 100% natural with added vitamins and minerals for your felines optimal health while being free from corn, wheat, soy, artificial colours and preservatives.

Explore Trilogy's Grain Free Kitten & Cat Food

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