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Dog Crates

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Dog Crates

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A dog crate is like your dog's own personal den providing them their own safe space where they can take refuge from a busy household. Dog crates are a great option for puppies or older dogs and can be used as a place for your dog to sleep at night, rest during the day, keep them safe when traveling in the car, assist with aid house training your puppy, or to keep dogs secure while you are out of the house.

There are several types of dog crates including metal crates, soft dog crates, and plastic dog crates. Some dog crates have double doors or are collapsible which is a bonus, and other crates come with a divider which is perfect if your dog is still growing.

A metal collapsible dog crate with a divider is best used when crate training. They are usually made of durable coated wire and have a removable plastic tray, which makes them super easy to clean. Soft crates are made of hard-wearing, water-resistant fabric and have lightweight but sturdy frames. Soft crates are best suited for small breed or older dogs that are already crate trained and don't have the urge to chew.

Choosing the right-sized crate will help your dog feel content and safe, as well as being an aid to your dog training. Select a dog crate just large enough for them to stand up and turn around, and consider if they are still growing. We stock dog crates, dog mats, and dry fleece pet beds in a range of sizes.