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Here's Why Lizards Make Great Pets

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Aside from cats and dogs, there are numerous small creatures like lizards that will make a wonderful addition to your family. Here’s a brief outline of our scaly friends, and what they're like

Pet Lizards

The most common lizards for sale in New Zealand are the Blue Tongued skink, Bearded Dragon, Water Dragon and Leopard Gecko. These delightful creatures can be very friendly and have a docile temperament. With the proper care, they make for excellent pets.

Average Cost Of Pet Lizards

Prices range from $250 - $700.

How Many Pet Lizards?

This depends on the lizard species you choose. For Bearded Dragons it is recommended that you only have one and give your pet all the attention and specialised care it requires. There is a risk of aggression between same-sex Beardies and unnecessary breeding between males and females.

Setting Up

They are probably the most expensive small pet to purchase and, depending on which species of lizard you choose, they will require a large tank that includes a spotlight, heat pad, an infrared lamp, a UVA/UVB tube, shallow water bowl, branches, a flat-bottom rock and sand to line the bottom of the cage.

Pet Lizard Food

They are omnivorous and need to eat a balanced diet of insects, greenery and fruits.

Handling Your Pet Lizard

Lizards should be handled with great care as they are very delicate. Young children should be supervised and instructed on proper handling.

Lifespan Of Pet Lizards

The average lifespan of a lizard can range from 4-20 years. However, some lizards can live up to 50 years!

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