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How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed


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There's no better time than winter to snuggle in a warm bed and that's also true for our dogs. Dog beds are designed with a variety of needs, habits, and preferences in mind. From orthopaedic memory foam cushions to designer beds, pet beds can be both practical and stylish additions to your home. But there are some things you need to keep in mind to help you choose the perfect bed for your beloved dog.

Measure your dog while laying down or sleeping

When it comes to picking a dog bed size matters! There’s nothing sadder than a Saint Bernard trying to get comfortable on a dog bed made for a Chihuahua. The best dog bed should be big enough to protect their joints from the hard floor, no matter what positions they stretch into. A good way to make sure you select a correct sized dog bed is to measure your dog while they are laying down - and then purchase something a bit bigger (say 10-20 cms) so that they can lie comfortably in all natural positions. Some beds may be big enough for your dog to curl up in a ball but what if they want to lay out and stretch their legs. It is better to buy something a bit bigger to ensure your dogs ongoing comfort.

Think about your dogs individual needs

When selecting a bed it is good to consider your pets individual needs. For example older dogs, especially large breeds, may suffer from arthritis, back pain, or other health problems. If you have a senior dog, you might consider upgrading to an orthopaedic memory foam dog bed. A memory foam dog bed helps relieve joint stress by providing extra support. Choosing a good orthopaedic dog bed with memory foam may not only save your older dog from unnecessary pain, but also save you from expensive vet bills.

Watch how your dog sleeps

How does your dog like to sleep? Some curl up into an impossibly small ball when they doze off for the night. Others lie flat out on the back or stomach with limbs splayed. By looking at how your dog usually sleeps it can help you to select a bed that will be the most comfortable for them.

After all dog beds come in all shapes and sizes. Round or oval beds with a side are great for when your dogs wants to curl up whereas mattress beds can be good for lying flat. A raised side or bolster style bed is best if your dog is a leaner. These beds are like mini dog couches, with a raised edge around it that your dog can rest its head on. But each dog will have their preferences but it's always best to give them a couple of options - that way you can be sure they'll always be comfy.

Whats in a dog bed

When selecting a dog bed don't judge a book by its cover, whats on the inside is just as important! Dog beds come with a variety of different fill materials to meet the specific needs of your specific dog. Most beds are made out of spun-polyester fill, this filling is soft and cozy and is appropriate for most dogs without special needs. Other beds come in a more supportive memory foam fill that is good for both dogs with joint problems, but also for large breed dogs that need extra support.

Pick something that matches your home decor

Now, most dogs idea of home décor is having all their dog toys out on the floor at all times. To them, that makes a beautiful home. In my experience, however, people have different ideas about that. If you agree, you might like a designer dog bed. There are plenty of designer dog beds to choose from. Mix and match to create the best dog bed for your sense of style. After all a dog bed does not have to take away from your homes style - it can match or add to it! Beds are available in many different materials like cotton, suede and velvet to suit any home decor style. As well as a range of colours and patterns. There are also designer dog beds that are made hidden in an end table; useful for you and a very nice safe den for your dog to relax.

Choose a bed that is easy to maintain

When picking a dog bed one of the most important things to consider is what material it is made out of. If you want a dog bed to take camping or to use outdoors or in the garden then more durable canvas waterproof or water resistant material which can be helpful in preventing them from getting damp and making them easier to clean.

Perhaps the most important consideration when picking a dog bed is getting something that is easy to maintain and keep clean! Depending on the material, dog beds should be washed at least every two weeks not only to remove dirt and debris, but also to kill mites, fleas or other things your dog may bring onto the bed after his walks. Your pet’s hair, saliva, and bacteria can build up quickly on dog beds, too. It is best to get a bed with a removable cover so that it can be easily taken off and wash in your home washing machine. Another option is to top your dogs bed with an easy clean duvet or blanket.

Know when your dog needs an upgrade

The best dog bed provides comfort and security for the pooch, and style for you. If you’re missing any of these aspects, it may be time to upgrade. It is also important to regularly inspect your dogs bed for any damage, especially if they are chewers. If you notice any damage to your dog’s bed, it’s time to replace it. Foam and other dog bed material may be pulled out from holes, which if eaten can be dangerous and lead to an expensive trips to the vet.

Think about the best place to put your dog's bed

Once you have selected the perfect bed - you need to think about where is the best location to put this bed. People often naturally want to hide their pet's beds away in hallways, garages or spare rooms. But dogs want to be apart of the action so prefer their beds to be placed in a central location in the home where your family spends most of their time. It is also important to place the bed somewhere warm and draught-free especially in the cooler winter months. But remember you can always provide your dog with multiple options - purchase a couple of beds and place them throughout the home so that they can pick where they like to sleep the best.

Also if you have more than one dog it is best to avoid competition so you need to have at least one bed per dog. But if your dogs enjoy snuggling up together consider getting an extra dog bed that is large enough for them to comfortably share.

With these factors and considerations in mind, hopefully it will be a lot easier for you to select the perfect bed for your dog. Buying a good dog bed is an investment it can be costly, but think about how much use your pet will get out of this bed as your dog sleeps for 12-14 hours a day. And a good quality dog bed will give your pet years of comfort. After all if a dog can’t find comfort in his own bed, that dog will seek out comfort in your own bed, that’s just the way it is.