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New Tadpoles & Frogs Checklist

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It’s a very exciting time adding a new pet tadpole or frog to the family, at we want to make sure that we help you successfully introduce your new tadpole or frog to your home and make the experience as stress free as possible.

Before the big day, ideally before the tadpole or frog arrives you want to set things up as they will be when the tadpole or frog arrives, this is really important for tadpoles and frogs as they will need their water in place and ready to go before you bring them home.

New Tadpole and Frog Checklist

Here is what we suggest to help make sure that your tadpole or frog settles in well:

  • Suitable frog enclosure: needs to be at least 30* 30 *30 for one to two tadpoles and bigger for more
    Reptile ramp or rocks to allow the tadpole to get out of the water as they turn into a frog
  • Some green branches and foliage for the frog to hide and climb in
  • Tadpole food – tadpoles enjoy eating lettuce chopped up finely, or algae flakes are another good option to make sure they get fed. Oxygen weed is also an important ingredient for them
  • Frog food – live wingless fruit flies
  • Gravel or substrate for the reptile tank
  • Air pump and air stone - tadpoles need to breathe oxygen through their gills, so the more you can add to the water the better

Here are some more top tips to help successfully bring the tadpole into your new home:

  • Ensure that there is a very secure lid on the enclosure as frogs like to climb up the glass and escape
  • Ensure that you change some of their water regularly
  • When they are ready to turn into frogs make sure they have some food available, wingless fruit flies are best
  • Even when you just have frogs there needs to be some water in the enclosure. The best way to do this is put a bowl of water in the enclosure for them to drink and frolic in and then just change the water in the bowl – this saves on cleaning time
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