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What To Expect With Your New Puppy


Training and Behaviour



Can you picture that moment when you chose the puppy that was going to come home and live with you? The adoring eyes, the ball of fluff, the little noise it made as it scooted along the ground?

That all changed of course when you brought it home...

The little things that were cute became slightly annoying. They pee everywhere, your new shoes have holes in them and don’t even get you started on walking! However, done correctly your bundle of joy can remain a bundle of joy once you know what to expect.

For this article, we'll be focusing on the 3-5 month age gap. The main reason for this, is that it's one of the hardest and most rewarding times for your pups.

What to do after bringing pup home

When you bring your pup home treat it as if it is 6 foot big. This creates some boundaries straight away. So if you don’t want your 6 foot dog to jump on the couch then don’t let your puppy. Yes the eyes are completely adorable when they look up at you and combined with the little sigh will break your heart, but it will be beneficial in the long term.

Understand your pup's schedule

Next is to give yourself a break. Pups need to live on a 3 hour cycle. This means 1 hour of play, pee, chewing, running, chasing and more and then 2 hours or so of sleeping. In this two hours put your puppy in another room. I know they may be sad but they will soon fall asleep and you can have your little bit of freedom. The other reasoning behind this is that they will be better behaved as they have had enough sleep. Make sure you keep this up as it is hugely beneficial for you pup.

Be patient and keep realistic expectations

Last but not least is don’t expect miracles in the first few months. Yes your pup is gifted and your friends dog is that much better as well, but your dog is unique. No dog will ever be the same so cherish these precious moments. Relax and enjoy it because it will be over before you know it. Yes you may have to invest in a new pair of slippers at the start but make sure you keep it real.

Good luck with training your pup!

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