Royal Canin

Royal Canin

Since its creation by Dr. Jean Cathary, a veterinarian, in 1967 in France, Royal Canin has become the world leader in health nutrition for dogs and cats.

  • 76% of sales made outside domestic market. (France)
  • Industrially established over four continents (Europe, North America, South America and Africa). Present in over 90 countries around the world.
  • Leader in dry cat and dog food in Europe and one of the leading world producers of super premium nutritional dog and cat foods.
  • European leader with Breeders.
  • Three research centers located in France, United Kingdom and Brazil.

Royal Canin is not your average pet food company. Since their inception in 1967, they have been forerunners in health nutrition because they do things differently. Royal Canin was different when they produced the first diet exclusively for large-breed dogs. Different when they developed Persian 30, the first diet tailor-made for a single breed. And different when they launched the first nutritional program for indoor cats.

At Royal Canin you won’t find fish-shaped pieces in their cat food or peanut butter stuffed in their kibble. That’s because first and foremost, Royal Canin respects the animal. Gimmicks benefit the pet owner. Superb nutrition based solely on science benefits the pet.

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