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Chinese Crested Dog

Low Shedding


Apartment Friendly

Breed Snapshot

  • Weight: 2.7-5.4kg
  • Height: 23-33cm
  • Breed size: Toy
  • Lifespan: 12-14 years
  • Dog breed group: Toy
  • Shed level: Low


The Chinese Crested dog has large ears and comes in two varieties: the 'hairless' and the 'powder puff'.


Alert, charming, affectionate and playful, the Chinese Crested is good with kids but kids should be taught to to gentle with the dog because of its lack of hair. Do not baby this breed just because it's small.

Health problems

This breed can put on weight easily so do not overfeed it.


Just because this is a small dog, doesn't mean it shouldn't have daily exercise.


This breed is very clean and has no doggy odour. Brush the 'powder puff' variety daily; bathe the 'hairless' variety regularly.

Living conditions

The Chinese Crested dog suits apartment living. It should wear warm clothing in cold weather.

Fun Fact

Originally from Africa, Chinese trading ships took these dogs aboard to hunt vermin.