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English Toy Terrier

Kid Friendly

Low Shedding


Apartment Friendly

Breed Snapshot

  • Height: 25cm - 30cm
  • Weight: 2kg - 4kg
  • Life expectancy: 15+ years


Boasting a smooth short dense coat that comes in black and tan, the English Toy Terrier is also known as the Manchester Terrier. The English Toy Terrier was originally developed as a rat hunter in the nineteenth century.


Powerful, agile, smart and eager to learn, the English Toy Terrier is very loyal to its family. This breed loves outside activities and agility skills, catch and fetch, and thrives on human attention.

Health problems

This breed can be prone to glaucoma and occasionally Von Willebrand's disease.


This breed needs a lot of exercise including daily walks and regular run-arounds off the leash.


This breed's coat is very easy to keep well-groomed. It sheds little to no hair.

Living conditions

This dog is suitable for apartment living. It prefers warm climates.