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Hungarian Puli

Low Shedding


Working Dog

Breed snapshot

  • Weight: 9-16 kgs
  • Height: 36-48 cms
  • Breed size: Medium
  • Lifespan: 12-16 years.
  • Dog Breed Group: Herding Group.
  • Coat Type: Distinctive, corded coat.


Compact and square, the Puli has a curled tail and a long coat that usually reaches the ground.


Cheerful, lively, loyal and obedient, the Puli adapts to most surroundings an is never aggressive towards strangers.

Health problems

This breed is generally pretty healthy and hardy.


Take your Puli on a daily walk or jog.


This breed does not shed but needs regular brushing and pulling of its soft woolly undercoat.

Living conditions

The Puli is suitable for most living and temperature variations thanks to its adaptability.

Fun Fact

The Puli was traditionally a sheep herding dog, and almost died out at around the time of World War II.