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Low Maintenance



Breed snapshot

  • Weight: 4.5-8 kgs
  • Height: 25-33 cms
  • Breed size: Small
  • Lifespan: 13-15 years.
  • Dog Breed Group: Non-sporting group.
  • Coat Type: Thick, plush coat.


Small and fox-like, the Schipperke has a thick double coat that's shorter on the face, ears, forelegs and hocks, medium-length on the body, and even longer on the neck, shoulders and rump. Coats commonly come in sold black, tan and fawn.


Quick, energetic, high-spirited and alert, the Schipperke is very devoted and becomes very attached to its master. It gets on well with children and other animals, and is easy to train.

Health problems

The Schipperke can be prone to hypothyroid, epilepsy, hip dysplasia and hip sockets which tend to slip. Avoid overfeeding.


The Schipperke is an active and tireless breed so ensure it gets at least a daily walk. It is very active indoors and will get a lot of exercise running around the house.


This breed takes care of its own grooming, but you should regularly brush the coat to keep it well-maintained. It sheds very little during the year until the coat "blows", which is when the undercoat drops off within 10 days.

Living conditions

This breed is well suited for apartment living. It is recommended you have a fenced yard.


This dog was traditionally a favourite to guard canal barges in Belgium.