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Yours Droolly

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Yours Droolly

At Yours Droolly we understand the deep bonds people share with their dogs. That’s why we are always creating new ways to enhance their limitless ability to love us.

Sure, life’s better with a pet. But let’s face it, life’s doubly better with a dog! As our name suggests, we sincerely love all aspects of cute canines – from the wag and pant, to the jumps and drools. It’s this passion and experience that enables us to seek out the best snacks, treats, accessories and specialty dog products from all over the world to ensure dogs get the best possible care and our customers get the greatest of times. Our view is from a dog’s perspective – we see things from four legs, not two. Everything we do is a promise that we’ve done our best.


At Yours Droolly, we understand that puppy toilet training can feel overwhelming at the beginning.

It’s also an important phase in developing a bond with your dog.

That’s why we’ve created 4 easy steps to make toilet training easy and help you to keep your home clean.


  • Urinate in the right spot
  • Manage indoor urination
  • Accommodate the needs of seniors and after-surgery care
  • Provide a toilet solution for indoor-dogs


  • Prevent urination in certain areas
  • Prevent remarking


  • All types of dog stains and odours
  • Vomit, stains and odours
  • Strong urine odours and stains


  • Airborne pet odours
  • Odours from fabric and hard surfaces

Yours Droolly Training Pads

Every puppy will go through this training phase. At Yours Droolly, we provide products that work effectively and are good value.

  • Super Absorbent. Tested to hold 650ml Urine and 1350 ml water
  • 5 Layer protection. Leak proof to protect your floor
  • Sticky tabs on corners. Holds the pad in place
  • Non-toxic. Tear resistant, should a dog destroy the pad
  • Positioning tabs. Sticky tabs locks pads in position
  • Non-toxic and tear resistant, should a dog destroy the pad

Urine Neutralising Training Pads

  • Antibacterial Technology kills 99.9% of harmful germs
  • Odour neutralising traps odours on contact, leaving your home smelling fresh

Yours Droolly Waste pick-up

Yours Droolly Poo Bags take the hassle out of picking up after pets, whether out on a walk or in the backyard.

Yours Droolly Toys

Dog toys are a necessity for dogs. Not just when they are puppies, but throughout their lifetime, as dogs need toys for mental and physical stimulation as well as for having fun. Our ranges are: Playmates, The Droolly Dog, Fresheeze and Chewers.

Yours Droolly Bedding

The Yours Droolly Bedding range has been designed to suit any home decor with its neutral tones. They are machine washable and made from quality plush materials, designed for lifestyles and decors of homes.

Yours Droolly Grooming Solutions

We all know that amazing, clean feeling we get from a great bath. We love how refreshing it feels to have soft, strong and heavenly smelling hair. Now, you can share that experience with your dog with the help of the Yours Droolly Grooming Range.

All dogs need regular grooming to keep their coats in tip-top condition. Grooming removes dead and loose hair – leaving dogs feeling cleaner, happier and every hair brushed out is one less you have to vacuum!
So, when it comes to cuddle-time, you can be sure your pooch looks and smells as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside

Yours Droolly Shear Magic Range

  • Designed specifically to suit dogs
  • Gentle and non-irritating formulas
  • pH balanced for pets’ skin (low irritation)
  • Cleans and deodorises coats
  • Suitable for use with flea treatments
  • Suitable for regular use

Yours Droolly Naturals Range

  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • All natural and bio-degradable
  • Uniquely inspired by Australian native ingredients
  • Made from a natural and organic base derived from coconut oil, infused with native scents
  • Free from dyes or synthetic chemicals
  • pH balanced to improve coat shine as well as protect and soothe delicate skin
  • Range is free from:

Parabens & PEGs

Artificial colours

Propylene glycol

Animal Derivatives

No Palm Oil

Cruelty Free

Yours Droolly Inspirations Range

Tested by top dog groomers for quality, each sub-range is infused with the best bits of nature to deliver genuine benefits for the coat and skin of dog.

Suitable for all breeds, coats and ages. Suitable for dogs with normal to sensitive skin. Yours Droolly shampoos are pH balanced for dogs and puppies.

Yours Droolly Treat Range

Quality Treats for a happy, healthy dog!

These days, it’s all too easy to throw a dog any old snack and hope for a reaction. The sad fact is, not all snacks are good snacks.

Waste ingredients, nasty chemicals and fillers mean ‘junk snacks’ are being fed in increasing quantities by unaware pet parents.

At Yours Droolly, we’re not okay with unhealthy treats being sold to make a profit, not for the dog’s wellbeing. And because we’ve made pet products for over 60 years, we know how to make it easy for pet owners to do what’s best.

  • Made from real meat
  • No fillers
  • No off cuts, carcasses or bones

NEW Yours Troolly Treat Bars and Bites Range

  • 3 ‘troolly’ scrumptious flavour varieties
  • Available in 100g and 250g pack sizes
  • Made from real meat
  • All natural, with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Free from corn, wheat and soy
  • Made with human-grade ingredients
  • Semi soft- easy to break into smaller pieces