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Beco things is a young, fast growing company focused on creating fun products that are good for environment with out compromising on quality, price, or aesthetics.

We believe that 'Eco' living doesn't have to mean going without. Were working hard to deliver a range of innovative, affordable, and eco friendly pet products that make sustainable purchasing easy for pet owners.

The range of Beco things has been growing steadily since 2009 and now includes products in all 4 areas of your pets life... Fetch, Eat, Poop, Sleep!

Everyone will tell you that their products are the best, but we really believe that Beco products are.

We take all of our products from design concept through to shop shelf, which means we understand what our retailers and customer really want.

We pride ourselves on making affordable, non toxic toys and accessories that work.

Our rubber range is all made from our environmentally friendly rubber which contains ethically sourced rice husk, which is a by product from rice farming this means as well as being biodegradable our rubber is BPA and phthalates free.

Our plant fiber plastics is mainly made of bamboo which is one of the worlds most renewable sources this makes the bowl 100% biodegradable we even recycle chop sticks.

The Beco plush toy range and the Beco beds are all stuffed entirely with recycled plastic bottles making their stuffing extra soft.

We even recycle our cardboard boxes into packaging for all out shipments