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In July 2010, Blackmores acquired Pure Animal Well being, welcoming Dr. Alister Webster and his team on board to form the new Blackmores animal health division. Natural health expertise
With 80 years of expertise in natural healthcare for humans, Blackmores is now extending its experience and passion to pet healthcare, so you can be assured of the same commitment to innovative, quality branded healthcare solutions for pets that work.

Help treat and manage specific health conditions.

Maintain pet wellbeing

Improving the longevity and quality of life for pets in Australia and internationally.

Environment & Recycling

We are committed to meeting high levels of environmental practice both in the production of our products and in the day to day running of our business.

We avoid using excess packaging and utilise recyclable containers whenever possible.

We use certified organic and locally grown ingredients whenever possible

Developed by vets
Originally created by veterinarian, Dr. Alister Webster, the Pure Animal Well being natural healthcare range continues to be developed by Australian vets, to deliver clinically proven products that give you the solutions needed for your pet’s health.
All Pure Animal Well being products are formulated specifically for pets, taking into consideration their unique health needs and requirements and drawing on Blackmores expertise in quality natural ingredients to provide the best of care for your pet.

Nature inspired
Combining Blackmores natural healthcare heritage with veterinary expertise, Pure Animal Well being delivers innovative and proven natural healthcare products, so you can show your pet you care.

Ultimately providing you with a range of natural pet healthcare products that you can trust for your pet.

As you would expect our philosophy and values for animal health and the Pure Animal Well being range reflects Blackmores continued commitment to leading natural healthcare and encouraging proactivity for long term well being.