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tropiclean fresh breath dental for dog


Tropiclean is a leader in the pet industry, developing new products before most even considered the opportunity. Our products reach a global audience in 65 countries, with 8 brands and hundreds of individual products. We are honoured to offer families and their pets around the world with our top-quality natural pet products.

At TropiClean, we were green before “green” was a thing. We are, and have always been, proud to serve you with products that contain good, naturally sourced, wholesome ingredients. Our products are made from the best ingredients that nature has to offer. Our range of grooming and oral care products rely on the natural benefits of the quality ingredients we use.

Oral Health

We have a range of oral care products for pets. So you can keep your pet close with Fresh Breath products for easy, effective oral care—and fresh breath! Our products are veterinarian recommended to assist in freshening breath, removing plaque, whitening and cleaning teeth.


Our range of grooming products are made with natural ingredients for a fresh, happy, healthy pet. We manufacture a range of quality best dog and cat shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, and sprays.

Clean Up

Our range of Tropiclean products help to make cleaning up after your pet a breeze with deep-cleaning, odor-eliminating products for crate, kennel, and home. They contain a specially formulated HabitBreaker solution that deters pets from re-marking their accidents spots.